A fetish club is an environment that encourages the exploration of one's sexuality, but there are also strict codes of conduct within fetish clubs. Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden. In general fetish clubs are the safest, friendliest and most relaxed club environments. They are places where men, and especially women can dress-up and be themselves without fear of harassment.


An experience like no other! Torture Garden Montreal is all about creating a fantasy experience for our attendees. We encourage you to explore, play, and interact with the other attendees. Aside from having amazing performances and music to set the mood, we will also be providing a dungeon space for attendees that wish to play.

Not a player? No problem - there will be plenty of other eye candy and experiences for you to have at Torture Garden Montreal. Not sure if you are into the 'scene'? Torture Garden Montreal is inclusive - meaning we want everyone from all walks of life to be there. It doesn't matter if you have never experienced fetish before, or are a professional domme - don't miss out on the experience because you are afraid you won't fit in.

Remember, Torture Garden Montreal is a place to explore your fantasies; a place to be someone other than your day to day self!!


Absolutely. There maybe thematic dress codes for each night so please check the events page for details. The usual enforced dress code is as follows:

Fantasy, Fetish, Latex, SM, Body Art, Drag, Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Medical, Uniform, Militaria, Vegas Showgirl, Kit Kat Cabaret, Venice Carnival, Circus Freak Show, Boudoir, Top Hat & Tails, Electro Freak, Porno Punk etc.

No Denim, No Cotton T-Shirts, No Regular Suits! No discussion - NO REFUND!

The TG dress code strives to avoid narrow limitations and encourage individual imagination and diversity. A modern fetish club is more about fantasy and transformation than just rubber and leather. Also, many of the best outfits seen at TG are made by those wearing them or assembled from various second hand articles (i.e: theatrical costume or uniforms).

So if you can't afford expensive rubber or leather costumes then explore personal fantasies and use your imagination, or even try body paint!

Please, remember that TG is about glamour, fantasy, imagination and creativity. We want you to look like you have stepped out of an amazing film set, not from a cheesy stag or hen party. We want the diversity and the fun, but we want authentic costumes that are real.

Dress the f*ck up! The more effort you put into transforming into somebody different from your day to day character the more you will get out of your TG experience.

Please, always remember that if your outfit wouldn't turn heads in the street - don't bother to wear it to Torture Garden.


Currently tickets are only available for purchase via the TortureGardenMontreal.com website. We will be releasing tickets into the stores shortly and will post the locations for ticket pickup. If you are unable to purchase your tickets online, please contact info@torturegardenmontreal.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make alternative arrangements.


All patrons must adhere to the dress code at all times once inside the club.

Anyone caught inside the club not in dress code will be asked to leave. No refund.

No cameras are allowed in the club without a press pass. This includes camera phones. Anyone caught taking photos will be asked to leave the club. No refund

No harassment (verbally or otherwise) will be tolerated of any kind inside the club. Offenders will be escorted off the premises immediately. No refund.

Gropers Beware. Torture Garden does not tolerate non-consensual behaviour of any kind. When you are caught you will be asked to leave - no refund.


Absolutely not! Unless you are an accredited photographer, you cannot photograph during one of our events. Official photographers will have a badge to indicate that they have been approved to photograph the event. If an official photographer asks if you would like a photo at the event, feel free to accept or decline the offer.

Any persons caught taking un-authorized photos during the events will be expelled from the event - NO REFUND!